Some of the greatest street cuisine in the world may be found in Thailand. Food products from Thailand such as Thai snacks are equally mouthwatering and unique as their cooked counterparts. Are you visiting the Land of Smiles and unsure about what to bring home as a gift for your loved ones? We’ve compiled a list of the top Thai snacks to buy for you to pick up on your next trip to Bangkok, so you’re in luck!

Thai Snacks

Furthermore, Big C stores, which are dispersed around the city, provide all of these well-known Thai treats. Have a hunger pang already? Keep reading! These might be some famous Thai snacks you have been searching for after that Thai series you finished watching.


1. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

Due to its high nutritional value, rich flavor, and versatility, seaweed is a common element in many Asian countries. Seaweed is becoming more well known as a healthy meal as well as for its exquisite flavor as ingredients and cuisine trends are shared globally.

There are many different kinds of seaweed; you may have heard of nori, wakame, kombu, or kelp. In your favorite Chinese, Korean, or Japanese restaurants, you’ve undoubtedly eaten seaweed. It is a crucial component of classic soup and sushi preparations and one of the most well-liked Thai snacks to buy in Asia. 3.5 million pounds of raw seaweed were processed by Tao Kae Noi in 2019 and our snacks were shipped to 37 nations and territories across six continents.

Seaweed has nutritional value in addition to taste. Iodine, which promotes thyroid function, is present. It is an excellent source of antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E as well as vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids. Seaweed is a healthy option for you or your children because it is also a fantastic source of fiber.


2. Bento Dried Squid

In coastal Asian cuisines, dried squid has a long history of use and is still a common way to preserve seafood and give soups and stews intense flavor.

This is for all you spice lovers. Bento Dried Squid is one of the greatest Thai snacks to purchase. These hot squid treats, also called dried cuttlefish in Singapore, are certainly not for the timid. You may purchase a complete packet of chewy dried squid strips. The marinades used to generously cover each piece of Bento Dried Squid include Sweet & Spicy, Thai Chilli Sauce, Hot & Spicy, and Spicy Larb, which vary in spice.

Our suggestion? Before you start eating, get a drink of water since Thai people take their heat very seriously.


3. Cornae Corn Chips (Thailand)

A high-quality variety of maize is used to make the crispy, brittle, and sweet Cornae Original Flavor available at Thai Snack Online. This food, which has been a Thai national favorite for more than 30 years, has a scent that makes you seem like you’re in the middle of a cornfield.


4. Lay’s Potato Chips (Thailand)

Even though Lay’s isn’t a Thai snack company, you must eat the Thailand-only potato chips before leaving Bangkok! Keep an eye out for intriguing flavors influenced by regional Thai cuisines, such as Hot Chilli Squid, Smoked Salmon Cheese, and Salmon Chilli Lime. It is easy to understand why these chips are regarded as one of the greatest Thai foods to purchase.


5. Squid Chips

These chips of Thailand are quite crispy, yet they are rolled into bite-sized rolls and placed into a tin to prevent spillage. Depending on how much you enjoy squid, the fragrance can be extremely harsh or aromatic.

Because of its delicious flavor and convenience for sharing, this is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked Thai snacks to buy that tourists bring back from Thailand. There is a spicy variation of this Thai food as well!


6. Koh Kae Peanuts

These are Thailand’s favorite nut snacks, Thai snacks to buy because they are actually “magic peanuts.” There is no stopping them; they are dangerous. Whenever you start eating them, that is. They come in a variety of delectable flavors and are less salty than other peanut brands. You Must Try It!

The first nut snack company in Thailand, Koh-Kae, was established in 1964. Fried peanut crackers and shrimp rice crackers were the first goods produced. They created the coconut cream-flavored coated peanuts in 1976. To ensure that customers are satisfied, they never stop researching and creating new flavors and products.

Because of its flavor and crunchiness, Koh-Kae peanut treats have now become a household favorite. In addition to being flavorful and crispy, Koh-Kae peanut snacks also offer consumers a nutritious choice.


7. Thai Biscuit Sticks – Pretz and Pocky

These Thai cracker sticks are the best, whether you want savory or sweet foods. Pretz and Pocky both come in a variety of tastes, including crushed strawberry and spicy larb. Although there are countless options, avoid overconsumption at all costs! The sticks are thin and simple to eat right out of the packaging.


8. Taro Seafood Snack

A classic childhood treat that has been around for decades. You won’t be able to stop eating these fish strips as a snack since they are so irresistible. They are high in protein and contain no sugar. They are more delicious after being microwaved to give them a smokey new taste.

The most eaten snack in Thailand is this one, closely followed by rolls of seaweed. Taro fish strips are a promising source of protein that are naturally fat-free and ideal for sharing when traveling. You’ll watch youngsters opening a pack and being surrounded by buddies who want some of their food right away!


9. Freeze-Dried Fruits

Fresh durians from Thailand could be difficult to carry back, so freeze-dried varieties are your best option. Together with durian, other fruit varieties include rambutan and mango. They keep well for a long time and are excellent daily Thai snacks to buy.

A low-temperature dehydration technique called freeze drying includes freezing the product, releasing pressure, and then sublimating the ice. Immediate removal of moisture without first going through the liquid state. ​During the controlled freeze drying process, the product temperature is kept low enough to prevent changes in the dried product’s qualities and appearance.

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10. Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Round chocolate candies with chocolate coating look like coffee beans. Uneven size in plastic wrap, bite through the extremely crispy glaze once more. You can smell coffee beans burning as they came out. Roasted coffee beans’ harshness is followed by the sweet, creamy flavor of chocolate. It is simple to grasp that eating more makes you feel great and easy to realize that it was like eating freshly brewed coffee in a chocolate bar.


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